Assignment Five

Brand Purpose

Brand Promise

We believe love is a universal truth; and we at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are dedicated to building quality and intimate relationships with every customer, family and community. Brewed with genuine passion, affection and warmth, our coffee and tea will represent our love for the world.

Our group will be developing strategies for the brand that are in line with our brand promise and brand purpose. With the focus on the targeted customer segments of tertiary students and working adults, these strategies will tap on existing and future trends and will adopt an integrated approach. Titled “The Big Brew”, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will undergo sweeping changes to its brand as we seek to brew it to a warmer brand closer to the consumers.

These strategies will aim to tackle the prevalent brand challenge and close the strategic and tactical gaps we identified. Ultimately, this will push the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand up the CBBE pyramid to increase mainly the breadth of awareness (Salience), Brand Feelings, and Brand Resonance in the long term.

Our strategies were developed from the Value Innovation Model (see below). We intend to “Raise” and “Create” new strategies for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

                                                    Value Innovation Model

Checklist of “The Big Brew”

After providing proposed brand strategies, we then looked into a global perspective how our strategies can be expanded globally, and provide a new brand valuation based on our opinion on how our proposed strategies will impact the financials.


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