Bean-in-Love Campaign

Key Objectives

  • Leverage on CBTL’s current CSR efforts, which is reflected through its Caring Cup initiatives.
  • Increase awareness of Caring Cup Initiatives
  • Engage customers in initiatives


Caring Cup initiatives are planted and nurtured domestically in communities served by the company, as well as internationally in communities from which its products originate. To further support these valued partnerships, money raised through the sale of certain products is then donated to vital programs.

While the initiatives are commendable, more can be done to effectively communicate this message to consumers. Currently, there is low awareness of the Caring Cup and customers do not feel involved in this process. As such, we aim to introduce the Bean-in-Love Campaign to raise awareness and spread the message of love to others.


Bean-in-Love holds dual meanings. Firstly, it signifies the role of the brand in spreading the concept of love. Hence, bean IN love. Secondly, it is a word play on “being in love” or “been in love”. We wish to communicate the idea that while many of us are fortunate to have “been in love” and feel the warmth and love from friends and family, there are others who are not as fortunate as us and it is important to spread the love so that they too can “be in love” and “be loved”. This message can be communicated through print-ads, brochures and the website.

An integral part of Bean-in-Love is engaging customers and involving them more in the process of giving back to society. With every purchase at CBTL, customers will receive a physical coffee bean. Heart-shaped glass jars will be placed at each outlet and customers will have the opportunity to drop their coffee bean into these jars and fill it with these love-beans.

Each coffee bean that is in the Heart of Love represents $1, which CBTL will donate to beneficiaries of the Caring Cup initiative. The physical act of the customer personally placing the coffee beans in the Heart of Love holds tremendous significance – YOU are directly playing a part in sharing the love with others. Upon placing the coffee bean into the jar, customers will receive a message on the CBTL mobile application, which reads: “Thank you for spreading the love with Bean-In-Love”. When the jar is full, the equivalent number of coffee beans will be made into coffee and served to everyone in the store. A virtual Heart of Love will also be displayed on CBTL’s website. This virtual Heart of Love is a digital representation of the total number of coffee beans collected by every outlet in Singapore.

Engaging customers has proven to be an effective way to generate loyalty. By directly involving them in giving back to society, they will feel empowered as well as a sense of warmth when they are given the free coffee that is made from the Heart of Love. Working towards a common goal brings people together. As customers strive to fill up the Heart of Love, they will feel a sense of community and a tighter bond with the brand. These feelings of warmth and love that are generated form the crucial building blocks of the CBBE pyramid and is also congruent with our brand purpose of brewing love for the world. This will in turn increase resonance and achieve greater attitudinal loyalty.


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