Improving the CBTL Store Experience

Key Objective

  • Improve the CBTL store experience


For our customers to experience the CBTL brand through the store, which will act as a manifestation of our brand purpose.


Decor and atmosphere

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf can play up on its decoration by adding more vintage paintings. This highlights its rich heritage and at the same time adds a vintage flair to the store.

More sofa seats should be placed within the store to create a more comfortable experience for customers. Lounge music will be played at all times to create a relaxing atmosphere for customers to feel at ease.


Store Layout

The newly improved merchandise counter will have the CBTL System as the centre of attention. The CBTL staff can promote the machines as an excellent opportunity to take home the “Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf” experience. The in-store experience will also be enhanced by the “Capsule of Love” campaign in conjunction with the CBTL System.

In addition, as part of the “Bean-in-Love” campaign, all stores will contain a Heart of Love glass jar.  With each item purchased, customers will receive a coffee bean which they can drop into the jar. CBTL will match $1 to every bean donated which directly contributes to various communities from which its products originate. This will aid in increasing brand feelings in the CBBE pyramid, as customers will see themselves directly contributing to the CSR efforts of the brand.


Excellent service is essential to the creation of a perfect store experience. Our new brand purpose will be communicated to all CBTL employees, through the creation of a brand book. In addition, service staff will undergo a special training programme to make sure that they not only understand but also live the brand.


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