The CBTL App

Key Objectives

  •  Introduce a digital touchpoint to consumers to get them to experience the CBTL brand digitally
  •  Create a platform for  delivering a small token of love to your loved one


iPhone Revolution: Apple has sold almost 60 million iPhones world wide, and to date the Apple iTunes store has recorded over a billion apps (both free and paid) downloaded. iPhone users download an average of 10 new apps a month, and this is a huge market to be tapped on. With the advancement of digital technology, especially in the ever-increasing use of smart phones, it is important for companies to keep up to date with their marketing strategies and use these new channels to reach their consumers.

As our target segments are tertiary students and working adults, these are indeed tech savvy people who most likely know and use their smart phones frequently.


Our team proposes the development of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf iPhone application, which would be a platform to send love to your family, friends or spouse. Consumers would download this application for free onto their iPhones, where they would have their own accounts storing information about their favourite Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf products, showing their ratings of drinks they have tried and drinks they hope to try in the future.

From this list, users would be able to send gifts of love through this application by ordering a real cup of coffee or tea for another user of application, and this cup of coffee or tea will be prepared once the person accepts or receives their offer through the app. The receiver would then choose the outlet and timing, which they wish to pick it up at, and this information would be sent to the outlet to be processed. The sender would have paid in advanced with their credit card or Paypal, which will be processed once the receiver accepts, and all the receiver has to do is to drop by the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to receive this token of love.

By sending gifts of love to each other, Coffee Bean is in line with our brand purpose in brewing love between individuals. Not to forget, this digital campaign creates an additional touchpoint to connect with consumers. To consider the business aspect, Coffee Bean would also be encouraging people to buy their products in a fun way and sending them to their friends. It would also promote more people to go to the CBTL outlet for consumers to experience The CBTL Experience. This would increase brand salience, feelings, and resonance with the brand in the long run as more people start using the app to send small tokens of love.

Other features of the app:

  • Special promotions for app users (e.g. flash the app to receive a one time discount)
  • Information on the nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets to them using Location Services
  • New drinks available
  • Full menu of products offered to browse at their ease
  • Pre-ordering coffee services for oneself as well (because self love is important too!)

See a step-by-step visualization of how our app will work!



  1. when are planning to release the app ? Will this come with passbook support so that users can link their cards?

    • Hi Sunnyy!

      We’re a group of students and this blog is our project for one of our Marketing modules. The CBTL App is a recommendation that we have suggested on the rebranding of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for our school project, and we are not associated with them in any way. Thanks for your interest! It definitely helps confirm our hopes that this app will be well received 🙂

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