The CBTL™ System: A New Experience

Key Objectives

  • CBTL™ System is an integral part of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand
  • Bring home The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf experience of love through the CBTL™ System


With the rising affluence in society and the rapid development of a coffee-drinking culture, single-serve beverage machines have been hugely popular amongst local consumers. It was brilliant for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to develop and launch the CBTL™ System, and user reviews have generally been positive.

However these modern machines seem to be operating as a separate entity from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and thus it is important to draw positive links and associations back to the brand and leverage on this unique POD. Minimalistic and user-friendly in nature, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf can tap into these associations of CBTL™ System and create new positive brand experiences for the consumers.


1. In-store: “A Capsule of Love”

To actively engage consumers into the experience of using the CBTL™ System, we propose a “Capsule of Love” promotion. For every drink purchased in the store, a free beverage capsule will be given to the customer. The customer will be prompted to use the CBTL™ System placed in a designated area of the store, preferably beside the collection counter. There will be step-by-step instructions by the system and the customer can choose whenever suitable to brew his or her own beverage.

The purpose of this promotion will be to create a new touchpoint for consumers in brand engagement, and this increases the brand salience of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Meriting the user-friendliness of the CBTL™ System into the store experience will be a seamless process and this adds to the overall brand experience for the consumer. Furthermore, this heightens the product awareness of the existing CBTL™ System and allows consumers to have direct and free access to this unique innovation by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Lastly, the gesture of giving a “Capsule of Love” to our customers produces customer delight and gratification. This shows that the brand recognizes the patronage of our loyal customers and that they will always be remembered and in this case, rewarded. More importantly, the giving out of these capsules is hugely aligned to our new brand purpose.

2. A new branding: “Now you can wake up to love, right at home.”

We propose a highly stylized branding campaign for the CBTL™ System to trigger a much more emotional response from consumers. Using the idea of “waking up to love at home”, we seek to send out the message that people are able to recreate The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf experience right in the comforts of their homes. And that is what the CBTL™ System can do. Imagery of brand collaterals such as posters or website should involve scenes of a bedroom or a simple but warm-looking household. Moreover, the intrinsic link of the affection from love and warmth of a home would serve to integrate the CBTL™ System deeper into its brand.

With a new branding focus, the CBTL™ System will now be deemed as a vital cog of the newly defined brand purpose of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. No longer will it exist as a separate product; it now leverages on the positive brand associations and the brand itself has also capitalized on this great innovation. The previous mismatch of innovation and brand heritage has been resolved. In addition, the creation a new brand experience in the homes of the consumers serves as another new touchpoint, and thus further increasing the salience of the brand.

Most importantly, the strategic use of the CBTL™ System will enable meaningful connection with consumers with great relevance and significance.


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