Global Perspective

Love – A Universal Truth

An old heritage, a new brand story. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will now embrace the most powerful feeling in the world – love. Love for coffee, for tea, and for the world. There is no greater truth than love. Brotherhood, sisterhood, parenthood, friendships, family, romance. Everyone and anyone have experienced love in some way or another. With love as the new core value in the brand, this brings about a myriad of positive associations: warmth, affection, passion, joy, happiness, delight, and the list just goes on and on.

What meaning is there in this world without love? As Plato says it, “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” The power of love simply beautifies the entire human race, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will espouse this power with maximum effect with a whole new brand purpose.

Purposeful Positioning – “Brewing love for the world”

Every brand is powerful, and every brand has a role to play in this globalized world. For The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, its new brand purpose can be accentuated by this new brand promise.

“We believe love is universal; and we at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are dedicated to building quality and intimate relationships with every customer, family and community. Brewed with genuine passion, affection and warmth, our coffee and tea will represent our love for the world.”

Besides this new brand promise, the brand purpose will be fleshed out in the newly proposed CSR campaigns. Building on its existing Caring Cup initiatives, consumers of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will now be actively engaged in bringing love to the world. Campaigns such as “Bean-In-Love” will highlight and emphasize on the brand’s new mission in delivering love and hope to other less-fortunate communities around the world. This is a strategy that could certainly be implemented on a global scale. In fact, a worldwide execution of this strategy could see the effects being exponential and further strengthen the brand identity and image and ultimately enhancing the overall brand equity.

Total Experience – A new Brand Experience via new and improved consumer touch points

Consumers will now experience The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf like never before. With the proposed strategies, not only will the current touchpoints will be revamped and enhanced, but there will also be creation of new ones.


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