Tactical Gaps

Tactical gaps are the differences between Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s current identity (what it actually is) and its current brand image (what consumers think it is). As seen from the graph below, the bottom line is what consumers perceive of the brand,  and the upper line indicates what the brand actually is. Our group’s mission is to close this gap.

Elements of the marketing mix should be modified in order to close this tactical gap. Based on our qualitative analysis as well as survey results, our team feels that we should focus on the salience, feelings and resonance dimensions of its current brand equity as seen in the CBBE Pyramid.


Weak breadth of brand awareness 

The breadth of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is weak as consumers generally do not consider the brand when choosing beverages. This presents a tactical gap as increasing brand salience in possible usage situations can help drive consumption and increase sales volume.

Possible solution: Increase distribution of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf products such as the packaged coffee beans to retail at premium supermarkets under the beverage section. The association between beverages and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is thus strengthened and consumers would include Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in their consideration set when they think of getting a drink.


Lack of emotional response from consumers towards brand

When our survey respondents were asked of how they feel about Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as a brand, the common responses were “Neutral” or “I do not have any particular feelings about the brand”. Only a handful (5%) said that they were “Excited” when asked about their feelings towards the brand.

Possible solution: Steer away from product attributes (i.e. quality coffee) and emphasize on the affective response that customers would get from patronizing our stores. (e.g. warmth)


Low attitudinal loyalty

When we asked our respondents what would they do if they wanted a cup of coffee and there was no Coffee Bean outlet in the vicinity. 89% of these respondents indicated that they would buy coffee from another brand. 4% would end up not buying a cup of coffee while the remaining 7% would be willing to travel to the next nearest CBTL outlet. This low attitudinal loyalty is an alarming concern.

Possible solution: Tackle the lower building blocks of the CBBE pyramid, and slowly build up the brand through building relationships and establishing strong favorable and unique brand associations for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf towards achieving brand resonance.


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