Global Business Strategy

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) aspires to provide a Total Quality Experience where better people, better product, and a better environment culminate in a customer experience unlike any other. This strategy is implemented through the following means:

  • Recruitment and training program
  • Franchise Practice
  • Commitment to quality
  • Innovation
  • Community involvement

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has established a regional office in Singapore to provide training and recruitment support for the region. Key managers were recruited with the assistance of a local consultant.

Each outlet is led by a manager who has extensive knowledge and experience of the region. As such, they are able to develop suitable strategies to adapt to each region. In addition, special training is provided so that each Team Member is able to build bonds of trust with their customers and guests.

CBTL has managed to maintain several traditions as secrets of their success. By demonstrating its core values known as F.R.O.T.H: Friendly, Respect, Ownership, Teamwork and Honesty, all employees are inspired to treat each other

with respect and provide the Total Quality Experience that customers have come to expect when visiting CBTL.

CBTL entered different markets using 3 different approaches: master franchising, company-owned stores and franchising.

CBTL entered Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan by master franchising (franchising in specified geographical regions). This was due to the fact that master franchising was the most effective mode of entry into distant and cultural dissimilar markets such as Asia.

On the other hand, it uses company-owned stores in Hong Kong, Australia and United States.

For complex markets like Japan, Philippines and the Middle East, franchising is more favored.

Franchise practice

CBTL encourages information exchange between franchisor and franchisee to get a better understanding about the environment and problems faced by the franchisee. Regular communications were made between the franchisor and franchisees during early stages of expansion into a region.

CBTL also provides franchise training to the franchisees and key manager. For example, the first master franchisee and key managers spent 6 weeks training in the United States.

CBTL prides itself in offering simply the best coffee and teas in the world. Each year CBTL search out the best harvests from Sumatra to Costa Rica to bring to their tasting room for inspection and sampling and accept only the highest grades of green coffee and full leaf tea.


All of CBTL’s imported coffees have been cultivated at high altitude – between 3,500 and 6,000 feet – because cooler temperatures slow the beans’ ripening time, and create more concentrated, flavorful coffees. Only the best quality harvests are selected from various parts of the world.


At harvest time, all glossy whole leaves and young new shoots are plucked and processed for optimal freshness by hand. During the steeping process, the leaves unfurl, releasing their flavor into the water.

CBTL is known for its reputation for innovation and numerous industry firsts: The company invented the ice-blended coffee drink and popularized the Chai Latte.

CBTL did not settle for syrups when customers started requesting mochas; instead they created proprietary powders. Their French Deluxe TM Vanilla and Special Dutch TM Chocolate powders are industry firsts that give their coffee drinks a flavor vastly superior to any others – creamy and smooth.

CBTL has also made a push overseas, finding niches in Starbucks-free markets such as Israel. With nearly all of its drinks certified as kosher, the company has opened several locations in that country.

CBTL maintains a strong commitment to the community with its broad range of Caring Cup initiatives that contribute to local and international charitable cause. The company is the proud sponsor of many schools, charities and institutions both nationally and abroad that benefits our communities, customers and employees.


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