CBBE Pyramid

The breadth of brand awareness is weak as consumers generally do not consider  CBTL when choosing beverages. The depth of brand awareness is moderate as the brand is not at the top of mind when consumers consider purchasing coffee or tea, its main product category. However, it has a high ease of recognition upon cued recall. It is relatively strong in its strength and clarity with regards to its category membership. Hence, the depth of brand awareness has much more potential to be developed.

The foundation of CBTL is a commitment to quality. So far, it has lived up to its expectations of providing consistent quality coffee and tea. It is also generally excellent in service effectiveness and efficiency. There is a general consensus that it provides good service with friendly and efficient employees. CBTL outlets are located at high traffic and high visibility locations, making it convenient for customers to grab a drink. Moreover, the availability of free Wi-Fi makes CBTL a place for working adults and even students to enjoy a sip of coffee while surfing the Internet. Price-wise, young adults find it affordable while college students find its beverages slightly overpriced.

CBTL possesses a strong brand heritage as it has been established over 50 years ago. Throughout the years, it has stayed true to its mission of delivering the finest coffee for its customers. The vintage theme highlights the core of its brand. This theme has been consistent throughout, as displayed in its choice of brand color (varying shades of brown), logo and interior design of its outlets. The bean in the logo says it all: delivering the best coffee is the heart of its branding. The common colour of its stores evokes a sense of homeliness and is associated with comfortable, cozy and welcoming. The brand has a laidback and conservative feel, and this allows customers to feel at ease when enjoying a sip of coffee in the store.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf seems to be a “cosy-coffee-next-door” brand, rather than an outstanding brand that stands out.

In general, CBTL has a satisfactory brand standing in consumer’s eyes – most consumers describe it as a cozy and stable brand that lives up to their expectations of good coffee and tea. However, the brand itself is not outstanding in their eyes. Most consumers have brand recognition for CBTL, but it is not the top of the mind recall for any of the product categories that it offers (coffee, tea, pastries). We did a simple opinion poll with the question “What do you patronize CBTL for?” Upon cued recall, 48% feel that the brand provides good coffee, 30% feel it brews good tea, and the remaining 22% feels that the brand provides good pastries/meals. It appears that consumers have a low consideration for CBTL as it does not come to mind when they are considering the product categories. Overall, although positive and satisfactory in nature, CBTL does not have any superior unique selling point or outstanding strong, unique or favourable associations.

CBTL evokes a feeling of coziness and comfort. Unlike its rival Starbucks, which provides consumers with social approval and a strong brand identity which consumers want to be associated with, most regular patrons of CBTL feel warmth, welcomed, and a sense of belonging when they enter the stores. They feel at ease with themselves and without the need to impress. However, there is no definitive consensus (i.e. one word to sum the brand up) amongst consumers on the emotional response and reaction to the brand.

CBTL has loyal customers who patronise them simply for quality coffee. The Coffee Bean Card is a loyalty card which customers can attain points (known as “BEANS”), thereby encouraging behavioural loyalty by motivating customers to patronise them at their store. However, the brand resonance is moderate as most consumers have a low attitudinal attachment and do not feel a feeling of attachment or an intense connection with the brand.


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