Exploratory Study

In the first part of the second assignment, we explored the role Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) plays in the lives of its consumers. Each of us followed someone we know for a day while penning down what we observed about them. Our brand user panel consists of 3 working adults and4 students for us to get a better feel of CBTL’s target market. We observed them in their natural environments, either at work, in school, or even a day shopping in Orchard Road. After which, we handed them a diary, with headers such as “Describe one Purchase Experience for the day” and “Describe one Social Experience for the day” to fill up for the next ten days.

To sum up our exploratory study through observations and user diaries, these were our findings.

Findings in Exploratory Study

In general, users seem busy with their own personal lifestyles and habits as indicated in the diaries, but there were some common observations across all of them. We also got to understand more about their touch points and moments of receptivity and this would be of great relevance to CBTL’s eventual branding strategy.

First, all of them would find time to satisfy their “cravings” for food/drinks e.g. frog porridge, lemon tea, at least once within the 2 week frame. However, none of them patronized CBTL for any of their cravings. Every user also had interaction with friends within the 2 weeks frame – those that were not working seemed to have more personal interaction with people, and those that were working were “catching up” or “skyping” after work.

For users who are more socially active (i.e. have a tendency to use Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook more), their diaries indicate that they value their friends’ opinions, whether it was a recommendation from friends to try a new drink, or shopping for a present. Lastly, consumers know where to go to should they need something e.g. Skype for convenient catching up, Ikea for furniture, coffee to stay awake, Clarke Quay for “Drinks with friends”.

With the above in mind, we developed tools and questions which will be covered through the in-depth interviews and focus group discussion.

Click on the individual diaries below to check out our observational reports and diary samples!


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