The Diet Conscious Consumer

 Observational Report:
Jean Chang, 19 
Student, University of Melbourne (back in Singapore for summer)
Date: 4 February 2011, Saturday  

Generalizations: Jean is generally image conscious, diet conscious, tech-savvy, and engaged with her iPod and iPhone on the go. She is hesitant before making food purchasing decisions. The social circle she mixes with are “average joes” who are well-groomed but are not too flamboyant.



Getting out of bed at 10.30am, Jean starts getting dressed for how she typically spends her Saturdays – Shopping with her friends in Orchard Road. After choosing her outfit – miniskirt, spaghetti top and metallic shoes (top-to-toe in H&M) and applying some light make-up, she microwaves leftover food from the night before and heads out to catch a bus to The Cathay downtown. Jean deliberately walks 1 bus stop away although she could have gone to an earlier one. Along the way, she is distracted by several shops – H&M, Ben & Jerry’s and MacDonald’s, where she stops by to check out their menus but leaves without buying anything. Thus, Jean reaches her bus stop half an hour later than she could have.

Jean meets up with 2 of her male friends of the same age, dressed casually in jeans and sneakers. After catching a movie at The Cathay, they head for lunch at Subway. Jean does not have lunch although her friends are munching away at burgers – instead, she buys an iced tea from Yakun. After lunch, Jean heads to Spectacle Hut in Plaza Singapura to buy contact lenses solution. She does not shop much at both The Cathay and Plaza Singapura – After purchasing the solution, she catches a bus with her friends uptown to Ion Orchard for shopping. Brands are generally high street brands such as F21, Aldo, Warehouse, Topshop, and shops with a “SALE” sign.

An interesting observation is that in between chatting with her friends, Jean tends to eyeball other people on the streets. She seems to be checking out their outfits. Every 5 minutes or so, she whips out her mobile phone to either reply texts, or to check for texts (on Wassap). Her iPod is always hanging around her neck, even though she is not listening to it. Occasionally when she walks past mirrored store panels, Jean checks out her appearance and hair.

On the way home from shopping, Jean stops by Gong Cha to buy bubble tea – she chooses 0% sugar level and changes the pearls to aloe vera, which seems to be a less fattening choice. Her meals for an entire afternoon are leftover food and 2 cups of tea. For dinner at home, she eats vegetables and chicken without rice in front of the TV (Channel 5) After showering, she spends the rest of the night surfing Facebook on her Apple p.c before retiring to bed at 2am.

What’s interesting…

What strikes me most interesting about Jean is her speed in using her iPhone and her swiftness in switching between iPod/iPhone/juggling wallet/holding her takeaway drinks. On both drink purchases, she bought tea instead of coffee. She has also installed many shortcuts in her iPhone/Apple computer to “swipe” and even her shoe-rack – which she categorizes according to “Most frequently worn” and “Not worn at all” so she can easily slip on and go.


Jean’s Diary


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