The People Person

Observational Report:
Tan Jiahan, 23
Student, Singapore Management University
Date: 5 February 2011, Sunday

Generalizations: Jiahan is religious person with high moral values. Responsible and serious at work, he also places high emphasis on growing spiritually as well as helping others.



Jiahan woke up at 9.30 am after a few rings of his alarm clock and promptly headed to the kitchen for a bottle of yakult for breakfast. Following which, he took a quick shower, wore a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt and then headed down to church, which appears to be a weekly affair.

Jiahan and his family then drove to his church in Choa Chu Kang and reached his church around 10.45am. At church, he ran into some of his friends who looked around his age.

Following which, he attended his church service from 11am to 12.30 pm. After the service ended, he met a girl who appears to have known him for a long time and she introduced her boyfriend from Australia to him. After that, he approached a man who appears to be in his 40s, who appears to be a church elder and talked about planning a trip to Shanghai.

Lunch was at McDonalds with a boy in his teenage years. Jiahan ordered a double mcspicy with coke.  The conversation was about the boy’s relationship problems with his girlfriend. Jiahan listened intently for 15 minute, asking some questions here and there before providing his advice at the end.

After that, Jiahan took a bus home where he took a nap for 2 hours. After waking up, he watched a few episodes of Friends on his laptop. After that, he did some readings for his Ethics project.

At 7.30pm, he went in his family’s car to his grandma’s house for dinner. Hellboy was showing on TV and he joined his cousins in watching it. Since it was still the Chinese New Year period, they had Lo Hei and potluck for dinner. It was a rowdy dinner with lots of laughter and Jiahan was engaged in hearty conversations with his cousins and other relatives.

Jiahan went home around 10.30pm, took a shower and continue on his ethics readings and worked on some PowerPoint slides. After finishing his work, he continued with a few more episodes of Friends, which had him chuckling to himself constantly before heading to bed.

What’s interesting…

Jiahan appears to enjoy engaging people in deep conversations. He seems to place high emphasis on taking time out and showing concern for his friends and family. Jiahan is not terribly fussy about his clothing or what he eats. He seems to take pleasure out of the simple things in life, such as Yakult, fast food and watching TV. In short, he appears to value relationships over fancy products.


Jiahan’s Diary


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