The Social Media Butterfly

Observational Report:
Jobel Tan, 21
Student, Singapore Management University
Date: 6 February 2011, Monday  

Generalization: Jobel is a relatively image conscious and extremely tech-savvy girl. She is extremely adept and familiar with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. She owns a Blackberry and is never seen without it, especially since her Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, Foursquare and Email accounts are synced to it. Because of her commitment to the Business Society of SMU, she is highly involved in school-related activities and thus mixes mostly with her schoolmates, fellow university students. However, she is family oriented and tries to balance time with her family.



At 6.30am, Jobel wakes up to the sound of the alarm on her blackberry. She gets out of bed promptly, instinctively checks her phone for notifications (twitter, facebook, email), and then jumps into the shower.

After 15 minutes, she gets out of the shower and then starts choosing her outfit of the day. She picks out a stylish pair of faded denim shorts and a ripped band tank top. She then proceeds to blow-dry her hair and then continues with putting on some make up. She draws her eyes with a charcoal coloured liner which is the same colour as her outfit. This takes her 20 minutes.

She is out of the house by 7.10am, heads out to the bus stop right outside her house.  Including the waiting time, the bus journey takes her approximately 15 minutes. She alights at Pasir Ris MRT.

While waiting for the train at the platform, Jobel takes out her Ipod Touch and starts playing music from her “feel-good” playlist. The train arrives shortly after, and luckily enough, she manages to find a seat on the train. She takes a short nap on the train ride to City Hall MRT Station. She arrives promptly at 8.10am.

With her eyes still half-closed, she walks to Starbucks Coffee to buy herself a tall Caramel Macchiato and a plain bagel. After which, she takes a 5 minute walk to her campus. She arrives at her class (Business Processes) 5 minutes early. She checks her phone for updates once again before settling down.

Feeling bored in class, she logs onto Facebook, scrolls up and down her newsfeed and clicks on whatever catches her eye. She does this every 15 minutes until the end of class.

At 12noon, she proceeds to her next class – marketing. This time, she pays full attention. At 1.30pm, she meets up with her girlfriend for lunch at Glassroom, at the School of Information Systems. She orders a mushroom burger with a side of baked fries and a green tea.

At 3.30pm, she proceeds to her next class. By 6.45pm, she is done with class. Even though her classmates have asked her to join them for a drink at Ice Cold Bs, she turns them down because she is exhausted. As she makes her way to City Hall MRT, she plugs into her Ipod Touch once again.

On her long journey home, she checks her phone for twitter and email updates every few minutes, and occasionally replies to one or two of her updates.

She reaches home by 8.00pm, immediately takes a hot shower and then settles down for dinner with her parents and brother. After dinner, she watches the 9.00pm show on Channel 8 with her family.

At 10.00pm, she starts on her CAT assignment. She makes herself a cup of instant 3-in-1 Nescafe coffee five minutes into her assignment. She goes to bed at 1.30am.

What’s Interesting…

What strikes me most interesting about Jobel is her incessant need to check her Blackberry for updates every few minutes. She is constantly on her Blackberry and plugs in her iPod when she is not interacting with others or in class.


Jobel’s Diary


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