The Complete Coffee Addict

Observational Report:
Justin Koh, 24 
Intern @ DNB Bank 
Date: 8 February 2011, Wednesday

Generalization: Justin is a big friendly guy with a booming voice and a friendly disposition. He is extremely easy going and quite the coffee and food lover. Currently, he is doing a 7-month internship at DNB Bank where he spends most of his day. 



Justin begins his day earlier than most people, waking up at 5:30am in the morning so that he can travel from his house at Upper Thomson to work in the CBD. He walks through the doors of DNB Bank on time at 7am, and not long after settling down, he makes 3 shots of espresso from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Hand Roasted Sumatra Dark Ground coffee beans in the office pantry coffee machine.

After he consumes his espresso, it’s out of the office for breakfast with fellow equity research intern, Denzyl, to Huggs, a café near his office. Justin notably does not seem to care much for what to eat for breakfast, telling the counter staff that he will “have whatever Denzyl is having.” Today, it’s a Beef Chili Bratwurst, and another cup of coffee – an Americano without sugar. Unlike many working people, Justin has his meal at the café rather than taking away his food back to his desk. Once breakfast is over, it’s back to the office for work until lunchtime at 12pm.

Justin meets his friend, Siang Loong for lunch at The Salad Shop, located a 5-minute walk away from his office. Justin appears to be a regular here as he walks straight to the stack of less than conventional order forms and ticks the choice salad he wants immediately. He does not seem to think twice about price and orders a soup on top of it.


Justin then heads back to Huggs post-lunch to get himself another Americano. Though there is no loyalty card, it is priced reasonably at $3.00 a cup. After the coffee, he goes back to office to resume his work.


In the middle of the day, it is back to the faithful coffee machine in the pantry to make himself yet another 3 shots of espresso from the same Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee beans as in the morning. Justin has his own insulating mug for his coffee.

Post work, Justin hits Wala Wala, a bar at Holland Village for drinks with his army buddies. He arrives first, and orders a jug of Kronenburg 1664. By the time his friends arrive, he has to order another one. They order snacks such as Porkys (deep fried pork chunks with a honey mustard dip), chicken wings and fries. He hangs around and catches up with his friends until 11, after which he heads home, bathes, and sleeps immediately.

What’s Interesting…

What’s interesting to me is the massive amount of coffee Justin drinks in a day! It appears that he does not seem to care what the brand of the coffee is as long as it is affordable and strong enough to keep him awake for as long as possible.


Justin’s Diary


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