The Lonely Banker

 Observational Report:
 JZ, 31
 Bank Manager
 Date: 6 February 2012, Monday

Generalisation: A bank manager who values free time, JZ has to regularly spend overtime hours in his office. He devotes his free time entirely to playing online computer games and watching shows on Starhub Cable TV. One who appreciates smartness in dressing; he only wears tailored shirts and pants to work. Due to his relatively short height, he buys his casual and business shoes from “Walking Tall”, a brand that specialises in producing elevator shoes.



JZ wakes up at 7am in the morning from the alarm set on his Samsung Galaxy S II. He snoozes his alarm and goes back to sleep. Fifteen minutes later, he decides to get out of bed to wash up. He then changes into his working attire: a purple shirt, black pants, brown belt and brown shoes. Seems to be quite a flamboyant get-up for a bank manager.

His breakfast is simple: Daisy Hi-Lo milk and plain white bread. He then heads out to get a taxi to work. His office is situated at Geylang Serai. As he reaches his office, he goes into a 7-11 and grabs a bottled Starbucks Frappucino. There was no hesitation in the purchase; hence this could be his routine morning drink. There is no café in sight near his office.

Work begins. He gives the daily brief to his team of 7, and proceeds to work on his own individual tasks. Phone calls make up the majority of his morning as he appears energetic and purposeful. He seems to enjoy his work pretty much.

Lunch time. JZ asks his subordinates to grab him a Subway sandwich as the most of his colleagues head out to lunch. Again, this seems like a routine as his colleagues asked him for his order without any prompting. He stays in his office and continues on his work. There was no sign of him surfing any social-networking sites or any casual websites. Pure work.

The afternoon begins and he’s at it again: working his socks off. At 4pm, he switches off his computer and into the taxi he booked that awaits him downstairs.

JZ heads for an appointment at TWG Tea Company at Republic Plaza (Raffles Place MRT). The client is female and they order the Fortune Tea Set ($38++), consisting a pot of tea, sandwiches and macaroons. They then engage in a two-hour long chat about the financing of a loan.

The appointment ends around 630pm and JZ proceeds home via the taxi again. As he reaches home, he goes straight to his PC and activated his online gaming account. He eats his dinner (steamed egg, chicken drumsticks, broccoli and carrots) in front of the screen. There is minimal interaction with his family members (brother, sister and parents).

Around 10.30pm, he starts surfing Facebook (first and last visit of the day). He then watches a television show on AXN at 11pm (Amazing Race). His energy levels seem to have gone down. He then turns off the TV at 11.45pm and heads back to his room.

He takes out his tablet and starts playing games on it. He then goes to bed around 12.30am.

What’s interesting..

JZ has minimal social interactions with others aside from his client and his colleagues. He seems to enjoy private moments to himself and appreciates the comforts of home.

(I was given access to JZ’s office as I was the subject’s kin. I did my observations while sitting in the pantry.)


JZ’s Diary


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