Mr Driven

Observational Report:
Lee Siang Loong, 23
Intern, Sales & Trading @ Citibank
3 February 2012, Friday

Generalization: Siang Loong is your typical image-conscious guy. He is an avid beer drinker and a Liverpool fan. He enjoys fine-dining, chilling at alfresco cafes, and sipping tea at his usual hangout at PS Café, Dempsey. He wears brands like Ralph Lauren, DKNY and Ted Baker and tailors all his working shirts and pants for the perfect fit. He is not as tech-savvy as guys his age and even though he owns a Blackberry, he does not sync his emails on his phone.


Friday: At 6.00am, the alarm in his Blackberry starts ringing, signaling the start of a normal working day for Siang Loong, an intern in the Sales and Trading desk in Citibank. He snoozes the alarm a few times before finally getting out of bed at 6.15am for his morning shower.

After 5 minutes, he gets out of the shower, opens his cupboard and starts selecting from a wide range of menswear. As today was “Dress Down Friday”, everyone was entitled to dress down for the day. Siang Loong chooses between his tailored shirt with minimal checkered design and a Ralph Lauren pink shirt while slipping on his DKNY jeans in the meanwhile. After a minute or two, he finally decides on his checkered tailored shirt saying aloud that it is not nice to wear shirts with obvious logos at work. He then proceeds to the toilet to style his hair and put on his contact lenses. Within 15 minutes, he is done dressing up.

He is out of house by 6.45am, heads out to the bus stop to wait for the bus. While he is waiting for the bus, he played Bricks on his Blackberry. It is a 20-minute journey to the heart of Raffles Place and he takes a short nap on the bus

Before he reaches the office, he SMSes his colleagues on their breakfast choice, gets their orders and starts queuing up at Toast Box. Stepping out of Toast Box, he has a paper bag full of takeaway coffee.

At noon, he gets a one-hour lunch break, and he heads to The Salad Shop for lunch. Then he walks to a nearby coffee-shop to purchase an 80-cents coffee.

After work at 7pm, he heads down to Helipad at Clarke Quay to meet his friends. He orders a pint of Heineken and Erdinger. He then starts chit chatting and catching up with his friends. The topic of discussion rotates around soccer, girls, and work.


By 2.00am, he decides that it is time to head home, so he hails a cab and voila, home sweet home.

What’s interesting…

What is interesting is that Siang Loong seems to make decisions really fast when he is alone and he is not hesitant about where he is going. While he is walking, he seems to be focused and does not pause much to observe his surroundings.


Siang Loong’s Diary


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