The Anti-Vegetable Guy

Observational Report:
Wei Hsien, 25
Student, Singapore Management University 
Date: 7 February 2011, Tuesday

Generalizations: Wei Hsien is an easy, outgoing man who can easily make friends with anyone he meets. He usually separates the group of friends for gambling, eating, playing computer games, etc. to hang out with them on different days. Wei Hsien doesn’t eat vegetables and usually drinks Milo or water when he eats. Also, he does not care about dressing, at all.


Tuesday: As soon as he wakes up 11:00am, Wei Hsien takes a quick shower, has a cup of Milo,  picks up a piece of toast prepared by his maid and heads to school by MRT. Today he has 2 classes from 12 to 6:45pm. He checks Facebook and sends Skype messages to his friends during class. During the break of the second class, he goes to Pick & Bite and buys some fish balls followed by a can of coke from a vending machine and heads back to class.

Right after his class, he has a project meeting until 9:00pm. Although his group members are having some food taken out from Koufu, he skips it and meets his female friend (dressed casually) in school and they head to Plaza Singapura. They go to Ichiban, a Japanese restaurant in the mall, and he orders Inchiban Don and ice water. The food is served pretty quick and he finishes his meal very fast.

At 10:00pm, they leave the restaurant and while on the escalator, his friend suggests going to Starbucks so they go to the one on the first level of the mall. After grabbing a seat, he orders Java chip Frappuccino. They talk for an hour about just their life and then he takes an MRT from Dhoby Ghaut Station at 11:00pm.

When he gets home at around 11:35pm, he talks to his friends for a few minutes, and goes to his room. After taking a shower, he turns on his computer. While checking his e-mail, he receives a Skype message from his friend asking him to play Starcraft 2. He logs in and plays while Skyping with his friend. After 2 hours, he goes to bed around 2:00am.

What’s Interesting…

Wei Hsien seems to be able to socialize easily with people. From connecting with his friends over dinner to chatting on Skype and playing an online game, he speaks sociably and easily about his life and his friends’ lives.


Wei Hsien’s Diary


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