Qualitative Analysis


Reasoning Behind Our Choice of Techniques

  • Observation Study & Diary: Explore consumer lifestyle findings and habits & potential touchpoints of consumers
  • In-depth Interview: Uncover reasoning behind consumer behavior and choices developed by the exploratory study
  • A Day At Coffee Bean (observation): Find out profiling of current customers who patronize CBTL
  • Blind Taste Test: To test if consumers can distinguish difference between CBTL coffee and competitors’.
  • Focus Group: For us to understand what coffee means to consumers and the role CBTL plays in consumer’s lives
  • ZMET study: To elicit hidden meanings behind “Premium Coffee” through metaphors and images
  • The Scented Glass: Understanding brand imagery of CBTL’s brand elements in consumer’s minds
  • Telepathy™: Understanding the common denominator in the imagery created by the concepts generated in The Scented Glass.

Click on the links below to view how our team has analysed the CBTL brand qualitatively!

In-Depth Interview

In-Depth Interview Focus Group & Zmet Projective Techniques

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