Projective Techniques




To develop a deeper understanding of brand imagery  of CBTL’s brand elements in consumer’s minds to help us in our creative development and eventual propositions on how to develop the brand.

We created our own projective technique and named it The Scented Glass – derived from a hybrid model between the THE LOOKING GLASS™ projective technique and SCENT-SATIONS™. 4 respondents who are current Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf regular patrons were guided to room with an aromatic coffee scent and sat in a plushy comfortable chair. Lights were dim and “relaxed”.

They were asked to close their eyes, relax and imagine that they were stepping through a glass, like “Alice in Wonderland”. They were asked to imagine different doors marked with different labels to a new world, namely “World of Coffee”, “World of Tea”, “World of a new Coffee Bean & tea Leaf store”. Respondents “unlocked” these doors in their minds and described to us what they saw behind each door.

Users imagined…

{World of Coffee}

…Magnificent coffee fields

…World class harvests

…Huge variety of coffee beans from all over the world

…Freshly brewed aromatic scent around

…Aromatic and dark coffee beans lying around on floor

{World of Tea}

…Tea garden with flowers

…Countryside feel

…People sipping tea

…Fresh, light green scenery

…Refreshing & healthy

…Early morning air

{World of a new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store}

…Homely and warm

… Warm orange feel

…Friendly service

…A place where everyone wants to be

…Quality guarantee




…Tight knitted people

… Dimly lit ambience


Purpose: Understanding the common denominator in the imagery created by a concept.

This was done as a follow up to The Scented Glass. These 4 respondents were guided back to a common room and were asked to jot down a summary of what happened on the other side of the “glass”. They were then asked to discuss and create a group story, including timing, setting, characters, plot and resolved the same title as the core concept. The story must be based on the commonalities experienced by all or most, yet be garnished with flourishes of individual differences.

Watch our video below as one of our respondents reads to us the group story they created!


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