Survey Findings

We conducted an online survey as part of our quantitative research with 100 respondents to find out more about the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) as a brand.

Brand Awareness

We wanted to assess Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s overall brand awareness among our respondents, so we asked questions relating to brand recall and brand recognition.

Brand Recall

When asked to name three brands of coffee or tea joints in Singapore, majority of our respondents (77%) mentioned Starbucks as their first choice. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf came in second with 63% of the respondents naming CBTL after Starbucks. This indicates that there is a high brand recall for CBTL even though it came second place after Starbucks. Although CBTL falls in the second place after Starbucks, the fact that 89% of our respondents mentioned CBTL as one of their three choices indicates that there is high brand recall for CBTL as a coffee or tea joint in Singapore.

Brand Recognition

The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf also fared high in brand recognition. When we showed our respondents a picture of an Original Ice Blended with the CBTL logo being blurred out, 95% of the respondents could still answer that the Original Ice Blended drink comes from the CBTL menu.

Moreover, when we asked if our respondents heard of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf brand, 100% of the respondents responded “Yes”.

The overall assessment of CBTL, in terms of brand awareness, is that it fares high in brand awareness, as it has both high brand recall and brand recognition. Even though CBTL does not do much advertising, we feel that the reason behind its high brand awareness is the fact that there is alocal market for premium coffee and tea in Singapore. Moreover, there are many CBTL outlets located at prominent areas all over Singapore, making it near impossible for people not to notice these outlets.

Brand Image

In our survey, we wanted to find out what people actually think of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and majority (89%) of our respondents felt that it was a place whereby they can chill with people and a place to do productive things such as study or work. One thing that was interesting was that two respondents felt that CBTL was “an overflow of Starbucks” and a “Starbucks wannabe”. This indicates that there is an impression that CBTL is seen as a “me too” to Starbucks. This is a major problem that we seek to address.


To assess the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s strength as a brand, we asked respondents for the strongest association they have to the CBTL brand. This is something similar to the word association map that we churned out for Assignment 1. The most common words from our respondents were “Coffee”, “Tea”, “Ice blended drinks”, and “Comfort”.


To assess the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s favourability, we asked our respondents what they liked about CBTL and what are some things they feel could be changed or further improved on.

CBTL’s coffee, ambience and meal options were among the top three attributes that the respondents liked. We also noticed that only 12% of the respondents chose “Brand” as one of the things they liked about CBTL.

On the other hand, when asked on what could be changed or improved for CBTL, “Overall branding” came in top with 45%.


To assess the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s uniqueness as brand, we asked respondents what they find unique about CBTL. The common responses we got were “Drinks”, “Service”, and “Ambience”. However, we also realized that a handful of respondents (26%) said that nothing was unique about CBTL. This indicates that the POD of CBTL is not prominent in the eyes of customers.

Brand Performance

Generally, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf scored fairly well for all aspects in their performance. Respondents are aware that CBTL does indeed serve quality coffee and tea, however, this awareness may not be sufficient for people to want to buy a drink from CBTL. “Ambience” scored the lowest, with respondents rating “Ambience” an average of 2.6 out of 5.

Brand Feelings

Overall, when asked how respondents feel about the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as a brand, the common responses were “Neutral” or “I do not have any particular feelings about the brand”. Only a handful (5%) said that they were “Excited” when asked about their feelings towards the brand. This definitely can be improved upon.

Brand Loyalty

To test brand loyalty, we asked our respondents how frequently do they patronise CBTL. We found out that even though the respondents are aware of the CBTL brand, it did not mean that they are willing to patronise the store. 47% of the respondents visit CBTL less than once a month and 14% claimed that they have never stepped into a CBTL outlet. Only a mere 4% of the respondents said that they visit CBTL daily or at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Moreover, we asked our respondents what would they do if they wanted a cup of coffee and there was no CBTL outlet in the vicinity. 89% of these respondents indicated that they would buy coffee from another brand. 4% would end up not buying a cup of coffee while the remaining 7% would be willing to travel to the next nearest CBTL outlet.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Marketing Concept

As our group proposed to market the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as a “second home” to customers, we wanted to see how receptive people were of our proposal. And it was comforting that almost half of the respondents (42%) felt the same way as us.


All in all, from the survey findings, our group feels that there is a strong need to differentiate the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf from Starbucks, its biggest competitor in the market at the moment. Moreover, we found out that CBTL as a brand does not stand strongly in the eyes of our respondents. Also, we found out that the brand plays a very minor role in majority of our respondents given the fact that they did not feel much about the brand. Majority of our respondents felt the need to change or improve the overall branding of CBTL and this may perhaps be one of the reasons why CBTL is always second to Starbucks, a brand famous for promoting lifestyle among consumers.


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